Quality of Life

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Quality of Life

Community History
History of Saginaw
Founded in 1833, Jarvis J. Green hoped to name his small plot of land "Pontiac", after his hometown in Michigan. Rejected by the postal service, he finally decided on another Michigan town - "Saginaw".  

In the later half of the 1800's, Saginaw was forever changed when the railroad decided to make Saginaw the last stop on their south-bound routes to Fort Worth. Saginaw prospered as the transportation dependent industry, such as grain storage and milling facilities, moved in to be near the railroad.  

Saginaw remains home to the largest grain storage facility in the world! Burrus Mills, now Cargill, Inc., was the launching pad for the western swing band "The Lightcrust Dough Boys".

The railroad continues to engage in active operations with piggyback switching, freight services, railcar repair facilities and more. The grain mills operate 24/7.  

Saginaw is now one of the fastest growing communities in North Texas. Recognized for its small town feel with big city amenities and its top rated public school system, Saginaw is definitely once again "the city on the right track".  

Saginaw gets its spirit from its citizens and business community. Their interest and guidance enables an active exchange among the private and public sectors. This provides for the ongoing growth and development of our community. 

The City of Saginaw and its' business community provide our citizens progressive and stable places to live, shop, work, and play. The circle of involvement within our community provides the environment in which to invest our lives and our businesses.

The information furnished by the city of Saginaw provides much of the information necessary to recognize the potential that exists now. The data provided to help in decisions to locate or relocate our families and business.  

The Spirit of Saginaw is within the hearts and lives of our citizens and businesses. Together they work to maintain and enhance a quality of life others strive to attain. We are a community that is constantly strengthening our resolve to leave a legacy to future generations. We have come so far already, yet recognize that we have an even brighter future.

We encourage you to come and make our community the best place to raise your family and expand your business. The past only provides insight into the hope for the future, polishing our lives with the Spirit of Saginaw. We extend to you an invitation to become a part of us, strengthening the Spirit of Saginaw, now and for our future.  
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District
EMS ISD is home to more than 19,000 students and represents more than 35 different languages. EMS ISD covers 73 square miles and is one of the "fast-growth" school districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. When the district is fully built out, we are projected to have close to 40,000 students. A growing school district means we are able to provide modern facilities, innovative programs, and attract some of the best teachers in the area. All of this in a small town environment within minutes of downtown Fort Worth makes EMS ISD a great place to live and work. Your child is unique and we offer diverse programs that foster learning from the time they enter Kindergarten through advanced academic opportunities at all levels. Additionally, we are proud to offer students the opportunity to gain licenses and certifications while participating in project-based learning at the Hollenstein Career and Technology Center, as well as earn college credit through our dual credit high school classes.

LEARN: 15 Elementary Schools, Five Middle Schools, Three High Schools, Career & Technology Education Center, Accelerated High School, Pre-K Child Development Center

WORK: Competitive salaries, Low turnover rates, Quality facilities, Highly qualified teaching and paraprofessional staff, Employee childcare, Competitive athletic & fine arts programs, Frequent professional development opportunities.

EMS-ISD Administration - Dr. Jim Chadwell Superintendent
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD
1200 Old Decatur Road
Fort Worth, TX 76179
Phone: 817.232.0880 | Fax: 817.847.6124

Higher Education

Temperatures in the Saginaw area range from an average of 44 degrees in the winter to about 86 degrees in the summer. Average length of the freeze-free growing period is 249 days. The average annual rainfall is 29.46 inches with the wettest month being May. Relative humidity varies from an average of 53% in the late afternoon to 82% in early morning.

Cost of Living
Consumer Price Index
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, March, 2016 Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: Select areas, averages by expenditure, category, commodity and service group.
Items and Group US Average Dallas-Fort Worth Average
All items 240.00 220.7
Food and beverages 247.7 250.7
Food 248.2 245.4
Food at Home 239.1 218.5
Food away from home 262.7 287.1
Alcoholic beverages 242.5 320.3
Housing 244.0 205.2
Shelter 288.2 224.3
Rent of residence 296.8 235.5
Fuels and utilities 228.9 219.1
Household energy 191.1 201.4
Household furnishings 91.7 90.1
Apparel 126.0 108.2
Transportation 194.9 195.3
Private transportation 189.5 196.8
Motor fuel 188.4 182.9
Gasoline 187.6 182.0
Medical care 463.7 432.2
Recreation 117.0 111.6
Education and communication 139.2 140.9
Other goods and services 423.1 389.1

ACCRA Cost of Living Index (All Items)
Source: ACCRA Cost of Living Index (COLI), 2016 Average for 323 Urban Areas=100
City Cost of Living Index Average Rent Average Home Price
National Average 100.0    
Dallas, Texas 95.2 $865 $220,002
Seattle, Washington 176.5 $1,980 $548,187
Los Angeles, California 166.2 $2,420 $617,169
Orlando, Florida 96.3 $958 $287,272
Denver, Coloroda 127.5 $1,306 $398,144
Manhattan, New York 260.6 $3,984 $1,472,476
Chicago, Illinois 110.9 $1,236 $431,884
Atlanta, Georgia 101.8 $1,050 $289,012
Phoenix, Arizona 99.4 $880 $292,558

Medical Facilities
Area Medical Facilities

Minute Clinic
Address: 1301 North Saginaw Boulevard, Saginaw, TX 76179
Phone: (817) 847-6918
Link to page

Medical City ER Saginaw
Address: 727 W. Bailey Boswell, Saginaw, TX 76179
Phone: 682-312-2444
Link to page

Medical City Alliance
Address: 3101 N Tarrant Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76177
Phone: (817) 639-1000
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Saginaw's strategic central location, low tax rate, excellent school system, and unsurpassed quality of life continue to garner recognition and highlight the community as a premier business destination.

The close proximity to DFW International and Alliance Airports has greatly influenced economic conditions in Saginaw. Development and business activity is thriving! Many businesses, including many major employers and national companies, call Saginaw home and are supported by an active Chamber of Commerce.

Location Description

Alliance Airport
2221 Alliance Boulevard, Suite 100
Fort Worth, TX 76177
View Map
Phone: 817-890-1000
Link: Alliance Airport Website

Owned by the City of Fort Worth and managed by privately-held Alliance Air Services, Alliance Airport accommodates air cargo, corporate aviation and military flight needs.
DFW International Airport
3200 East Airfield Drive
DFW Airport, TX 75261
Phone: 972-973-8888
Link: DFW International Airport Website
Just 24 miles from Saginaw, DFW International Airport is the world's third busiest airport, offering nearly 1,750 flights per day and serving 57 million passengers a year. DFW provides non-stop service to 146 domestic and 44 international destinations worldwide.
Meacham Airport
4201 N Main Street
Fort Worth, TX 76106
View Map
Phone: 817-392-5400
Link: Meacham Airport Web page
Meacham Airport provides regional aviation services for air charter, corporate, business and recreational flyers.
Major Highway System
  • Loop I820
  • Interstate 35 West
  • Interstate 30
  • Interstate 20
TEX Rail
Phone: 817-215-8785
Link: TEX Rail website
TEX Rail is a 27-mile commuter rail project being developed by the Fort Worth Transportation Authority and will be the next passenger rail service coming to Tarrant County. It will span from downtown Fort Worth to DFW Airport. Service could begin in 2018.
Texas Department of Transportation
2501 SW Loop 820
Fort Worth, TX 76133
View Map
Phone: 817-370-6511
Link: Meacham Airport Website
The Texas Department of Transportation maintains the state's highway system.
Toll Tags
North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA)
5900 W. Plano Parkway
Plano, TX 75093
View Map
Phone: 972-818-6882
Link: Toll Tags Website
NTTA issues toll tags that work on all Texas toll roads. Drivers who use a toll tag receive discounted toll rates. NTTA toll tags may be obtained through the NTTA website.
Trinity Railway Service (TRE)
Richland Hills Station
7225 Burns Street
Richland Hills, Tx 76118
View Map
Phone: 817-215-8600
Link: Trinity Railway Service (TRE) Website
The TRE provides commuter rail service between Fort Worth and Dallas.
Area Attractions