Shoutout Saginaw

Shout out about your best restaurant or local business experience in Saginaw TX!  Let's keep our local Saginaw restaurants and businesses thriving. The City ofShoutout Saginaw Saginaw challenges you to write a positive review about a local business or restaurant where you've had a good experience over the past month.  Don't forget to tag it with #ShoutoutSaginaw & #ShopSaginawTX.

Here's an example:
  • "Shout out to (insert company name) for delivering the best ((item name) by (delivery/pick-up)".
  • "This company went above and beyond and the (product/food) was fantastic! (insert Company name and URL)" #ShoutoutSaginaw #ShopSaginawTX
Support your local Saginaw TX businesses. They need us...we need them!