How do I apply?

First, read over the BIG Program Policy (click here) and then complete a DIGITAL Application (click here) or a PDF Application (click here) and email to:

Director of Community & Economic Development, Keith C. Rinehart at  You can also call 817.230.0331 to speak directly with the Economic Development Office about the program, find out if your proposed improvement may be eligible for consideration, or with any questions or comments!

Please provide the following with your application form:

  • Proof of ownership of the property OR written approval of the application from the owner and a copy of your signed lease agreement
  • Photographs of the existing property (optional)
  • Drawings, renderings, or plans of the proposed enhancements (optional)
  • Written description of enhancements, including building materials and color schemes to be used
  • A construction cost estimate provided by a licensed contractor
Click here to apply.

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1. What is the BIG Program?
2. Who is this program for?
3. What are Eligible Enhancements?
4. What kind of financial assistance is available?
5. What if I don't own my building?
6. What if my property is a residential use?
7. How do I apply?
8. What is the process for consideration and approval?
9. Who do I contact if I have questions?