Traffic Control Box Beautification


A few years ago, the Keep Saginaw Beautiful Committee (KSB) began a community-wide beautification project of wrapping the eight (8) traffic signal/control boxes throughout the city. Not only did this project add color and beauty to an otherwise dull gray/silver traffic control box, it was also well received from the residents and the community alike. We used winning photos from the annual “Images of Saginaw” photo contest as the artwork.

At the October 1, 2019 meeting, the Saginaw City Council approved the KSB presentation to replace the wraps for the Traffic Control boxes. The locations of the traffic signal boxes are:

  • Old Decatur & W. Bailey Boswell
  • E. Bailey Boswell & Comanche Springs
  • E. Bailey Boswell & Black Ash
  • E. Bailey Boswell & High Country
  • Longhorn Road & Old Decatur Road
  • Old Decatur Road & W. McLeroy
  • W. McLeroy & Knowles
  • Old Decatur Road & Park Center

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The Beautification Committee began working on a project of potentially wrapping the eight (8) traffic signal boxes throughout the city. This project would add some color and beautify an otherwise dull gray/silver traffic control box. It was been discussed that we use some of the winning photos from the "Images of Saginaw" contest as the artwork. The locations of the eight (8) traffic signal boxes are:

  • Longhorn & Old Decatur Road
  • West McLeroy & Old Decatur
  • Old Decatur & West Hill/Cromwell Marine Creek
  • Old Decatur & Park Center
  • Old Decatur & W. Bailey Boswell
  • East Bailey Boswell & Comanche Springs
  • East Bailey Boswell & High Country Trail
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