Fire Services Division

The Fire Services Division is responsible for a wide range of activities with the goal of ensuring the safety of our entire community. This goal is achieved through life and fire safety education, life and fire safety inspections, hazard identification and mitigation, code enforcement, fire investigations, and fire-related criminal prosecutions.

Each year the Fire Department visits the elementary schools within our city to teach life and fire safety education. Vital and potentially lifesaving techniques are taught to the children. These techniques are possibly the only formal life and fire safety training that many of them will receive for the rest of their lives.

The education programs are presented utilizing our Life and Fire Safety (LAFS) clown troupe and our portable LAFS training house. In addition, visits to child care centers, community gatherings, public events, station tours, and other similar opportunities are utilized to present the community with life and fire safety education.

The Fire Services Division is responsible for conducting life and fire safety inspections of all businesses and facilities within the city along with reviewing plans for new construction and the remodeling of existing buildings with regards to life and fire safety and fire protection systems. Compliance with all applicable codes and ordinances is ensured with on-site inspections and testing of fire protection systems.

Investigations & Prosecutions
All fires, explosions, and related events are investigated by the Fire Services Division as to the origin and cause. Two main purposes are served by these investigations. One is to determine if criminal conduct has occurred and to prosecute involved parties. Second, and most importantly, is to determine any actions that can be taken, or the implementation of practices that may prevent the event from happening again.