Firefighter in training crawling through cooridorEmergency Tactics

Now, more than ever, today's fire departments are called upon for a wider range of emergency incident types requiring extensive capabilities and know-how including:

  • All types of technical rescue incidents involving high angles, trenches, collapses, confined space, water, etc.
  • Demand of increased tactics and management of fire incidents
  • Knowledge requirements to safely and effectively handle a multitude of hazardous material incidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents of today's autos, which require extensive knowledge for rapid and safe extrication
  • The high level of prehospital care provided by fire department personnel for emergency medical incidents

Continuing Education

Training is the only solution for fire departments to safely and effectively meet the increased demands and capabilities expected of them. Outside of prevention, training is the most valuable tool that any fire department can possess. The newest methods and the most expensive equipment is useless without personnel who have the ability and expertise to implement the methods and utilize the equipment. This is only achieved through comprehensive and continual education and training.

Although a big part of our continuing education is mandated by the state licensing authorities, to achieve and maintain the high level that we, the Saginaw Fire Department, feel we currently provide, we conduct weekly training sessions with larger and more involved sessions scheduled throughout the year. The training sessions cover all aspects of fire and EMS related operations. This includes evaluation of new methods, apparatus / equipment familiarization and operation, as well as practice and proficiency of basic skills.