Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Advisory Committee


  • This committee meets twice a year in February and August, as called.
  • Meeting Agendas - Click here


MemberPlaceTerm Expiration
Alysa GraysonPlace OneMay 2021
Trey HarperPlace TwoMay 2022
Crystal AmadorPlace ThreeMay 2021
VacantPlace FourMay 2022
Mike ParrishPlace FiveMay 2021


The CIP Advisory Committee assists the city in adopting or updating land use assumptions, capital improvements, and impact fees. This board operates under the authority of section 395.058 of the local government code. For more information about the committee, please email the planning and zoning secretary at (817) 230-0500.

Board Members

MemberPlaceTerm Expiration Date
Kenneth HaneyPlace OneMay 2022
William BarngroverPlace TwoMay 2021
Matthew LewisPlace ThreeMay 2022
Malinda JulienPlace FourMay 2021
Jason LaBruyerePlace FiveMay 2022
John PeetFirst AlternateMay 2021
Randy VillarrealSecond AlternateMay 2022