Permit Forms and Contractor Registration


Please locate and download your desired form below. Proceed to open and complete your form using your computer’s PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader or the default application. Once completed, email your form to


  • All forms require digital or written signatures and will not be accepted without being signed.
  • Forms may require site plans or other construction plans, please attach plans when emailing your form.

Contractor Registration

  • Contractor Registration Application: (PDF)

Popular Permits

  • Annual Business Permit: (PDF)
  • Certificate of Occupancy & First Year Business Permit:  (PDF)
  • Demolition Permit Application:  (PDF)
  • Duplex Rental Permit Application: (PDF)
  • Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing Permit: (PDF)
  • Irrigation Permit - page 2 MUST be printed and signed by the property owner: (PDF)
  • Lights On Permit Application: (PDF)
  • Mobile Food Truck Permit: (PDF)
  • Flatwork Parking Paving & Drive Approach(PDF)
  • Seasonal Permit Application:(PDF)
  • Sign Permit: (PDF)
  • Single Family Rental Permit Application: (PDF)

Residential Permits

Please submit completed application and 1 set of legible plans drawn to scale. We do not review plans marked "not for construction".

  • Accessory Detached Permit: (PDF)
  • Fence Retaining Wall Permit:  (PDF)
  • Foundation Repair Permit:  (PDF)
  • Residential Building Addition/Remodel Permit:  (PDF)
  • Residential Carport: (PDF)
  • Residential New Construction:  (PDF)
  • Residential Patio Cover Permit:  (PDF)
  • Residential Roof Permit: (PDF)
  • Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Permit: (PDF)
  • Window Replacement Permit: (PDF)

Commercial/Industrial Permits

Please submit completed application and 3 sets of legible plans drawn to scale.  We do not review plans marked "not for construction".

  • Commercial Building Addition/Remodel Permit: (PDF)
  • Commercial New Construction: (PDF)

Other Permits

Fire Department Plan Submittal Form: (PDF)

  • All fire related plans shall be submitted according to the fire plan submittal form and turned into the building department which is now located at 301 South Saginaw Blvd. Once approved, your permit and or comments will be picked up at the same office.

Tarrant County Public Health
Phone: 817-321-4960
Fax: 817-321-4961
1101 S. Main St.
Fort Worth, TX 76104

Small Cell Node/Support Poles Permit - Application (PDF)
Submit to: Rick Trice

Right of Way Permit - ROW Permit Application (PDF)
Submit to: John Cervantes