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One of the enjoyable roles of the Animal Services Department is adopting animals to loving families. To ask about animals available for adoption, call 817-230-0460, or visit the Saginaw Animal Services & Adoption Center located at 205 Brenda Lane. 

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Shelter & Ownership Regulations

Do you have room in your heart to offer a forever home to a deserving pet? Due to the small size of the shelter, time is limited to find homes for the animals we have housed.

Residents are reminded that all dogs and cats must be registered with the City of Saginaw animal shelter and on a leash when outdoors. For more information about pet adoptions, registrations, and our leash law, call 817-230-0460 or email Saginaw Animal Services.

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Adoption Regulations

All adoptions are on a first-come, first-served, for those animals that we get more than 2 people for we will place names in a container and 1 person will be able to pick a name. Our adoption fee is $40.00 (this includes the first set of shots and a de wormer). All animals are microchipped before leaving our facility and the cost for that is $20.00 which will be paid at the time of adoption, this cost includes a 1 yr chip registration with Home Again. All adoptable animals have been vaccinated for rabies, and sterilized, and a Heart Worm test has been administered. The medical fees vary based on the animal you are adopting, and all fees will be collected at the time for adoption.

For any animal that has not been sterilized or vaccinated for rabies, the fees will be collected for the medical procedures, an appointment will be made by a staff member, and the animal will remain at our facility and transported by an ACO to the appointment. You will be able to pick your new pet up from the Veterinarian Clinic so that they may go over the aftercare procedures with you. If you are not able to reclaim your pet from the Veterinarian an ACO can transport the animal back to our facility, for an additional charge of $20.00.

Below is a list of the breakdown for adoption fees. This fee may vary depending on the veterinarian performing the procedure, all additional fee such as extended costs will need to be paid by adopter at the time of reclaim.

  • Adoption Fee $40.00 (includes 1st set of shots and dewormer)
  • Sterilization Fee:
    • Dogs under 50 lbs. $55.00
    • Dogs over 50 lbs. $65.00
    • Male Cats $35.00
    • Female Cats $45.00
    • Extended Costs $10.00 paid for by adopter at the clinic
  • Rabies Shots $5.00

  • Heart Worm Test $5.00

  • Micro Chips $20.00 (Includes 1 yr chip Registration with Home Again)

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