Saginaw Joins the NE Tarrant Chamber of Commerce

At the March 15, 2022 Saginaw City Council meeting, the Council approved Resolution No. 2022-07 that adopts the Work Plan for FY 2022. This Work Plan sets priorities and gives direction for the City Manager to lead staff toward progress on identified projects. One of the identified projects was “RE-ESTABLISHING A CHAMBER OF COMMERCE”.  Over the past 10+ months, City staff has been investigating and entertaining multiple options that includes:

  • Starting a chamber from scratch;
  • Joining other established chambers of commerce;
  • Forming a pilot chamber with Tarrant County College NW; or
  • Do nothing.

In 2019, the Saginaw Area Chamber of Commerce folded and closed due to not meeting the needs of the business community. In addition, the Northwest Chamber of Commerce folded and closed due to not meeting the needs of the business community. Therefore, the Saginaw Business Community is not being served by a Chamber of Commerce.

In September/October 2022, the Saginaw Economic Development (ED) Staff established a survey to poll the business community asking questions about the potential need of a new chamber of commerce that served Saginaw Texas. The survey results showed that the business community either wanted to join an established Chamber or do nothing.

On Tuesday, November 14, 2022, ED Staff presented this item to the City Council for their consideration. The Saginaw City Council approved the decision 7-0 to join the Northeast Tarrant Chamber of Commerce ( This would be the most cost-effective, best viable and greatest beneficial option for both the Saginaw Business Community as well as the City of Saginaw. With the direction that the City Council provided, City Staff is moving forward with the partnering process with Northeast Tarrant Chamber of Commerce, the City of Saginaw and Saginaw’s 500+ businesses.

Collaboration and joining an existing and successful Chamber of Commerce will save money by not having to invest in the complete start-up costs for a new Chamber for the City of Saginaw (staff and admin costs are some of the biggest Chamber expenses). The annual cost to be a Partner City with the Northeast Tarrant Chamber of Commerce would be only $3,495 annually.

The Northeast Tarrant (NET) Chamber brings 65-Year Chamber experience to the partnership. NET Chamber has great relationships with their current partner cities of North Richland Hills, Haltom City, Richland Hills and Watauga. The City of Saginaw and Saginaw Businesses would have the same exact benefits as the other communities listed previously. NET Chamber plans to open a satellite office in Saginaw. NET Chamber would bring substantial Chamber experience of working with local Networking Groups, Member Luncheons, Major Events, School District Partnerships, Tarrant County College Partnership, and Non-Profit engagement to the City of Saginaw. Collaboration would include the inclusion of Saginaw businesses in the North Tarrant Marketplace, the NET Chamber Web/Mobile App. No initial admin costs to the City of Saginaw (no hiring of staff, no new website, no start-up costs, only cost would be annual Chamber City Partnership).