Meet the Staff


Recreation Services Supervisor

(817) 232-0354

Vickie Weldon has been an employee of Saginaw, Texas for 27 years. She began working for the city in 1994 when she was hired as a contracted art teacher.  In 2000, Vickie took a position of playschool teacher for the Bringing Learning and Stories Together (B.L.A.S.T) program.  After teaching B.L.A.S.T for 14 years, Vickie moved to the Saginaw Senior Center in a part-time position. The city quickly recognized that the Senior Center program was not only growing, but thriving, as a result of Vickie’s creative imagination and conceptual ideas.  She was promoted to full-time Supervisor of the Senior Center.

In 2015, Vickie was named Saginaw Employee of the Year for her work at the Senior Center. In 2018, Vickie was hired as the Recreation Services Supervisor in the Community and Economic Development Department where she took on the responsibility of various recreation and community programs, contract employees in the recreation department, and the children’s summer camp program. Vickie also manages the Saginaw Aquatic Center and the operation, upkeep, and rentals of recreational facilities across the city.

The city of Saginaw opened The Switchyard Food Truck Park in 2020 and chose Vickie to be at the helm as Managing Director. Vickie has helped The Switchyard grow from the ground up to be an immersive and successful place for Saginaw patrons to enjoy.  

Vickie is married, has three daughters and has proudly called Saginaw her home for over 35 years. In her spare time, Vickie enjoys time with her family and pets, walking, and reading.

Vickie has grown alongside the city of Saginaw, from her beginnings as a contract employee to her position as Recreation Services Supervisor.  Her deep connection with the city of Saginaw drives her dedication to excellence daily. With a smile on her face and leading by example, Vickie exemplifies Saginaw’s PRIDE (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence) values and is proud to serve the city she loves.