Library Board


  • Second Tuesday of each month

Board Members

Term Expiration Date
Helen Trammell Member May 2021
Mary Nichols Member May 2021
Frances Poteet Member May 2021
Rachael Reeves Member May 2021
Belinda Henson Member May 2021
Rick Russell Alternate Member May 2021
Frances Patty Alternate Member May 2021


The Library Board of Trustees exercises advisory supervision over the library through cooperation with the library director. The board has the duty and power of making, adopting, and enforcing all bylaws, rules, and regulations governing the use of the library and library materials, and may exercise the authority to contract with county or other governmental authorities for the extension of library services. The board administers gifts and donations to the library; however, board decisions are subject to approval or veto by the City Manager or the City Council.

Board member terms are concurrent with the mayor's term of office.

Contact Information

For more information, contact the Library Director by calling (817) 230-0340.