Tarrant County Small Business Grant (Round 2)

Tarrant County

We are happy to announce that the much awaited Second Round of Small Business Assistance Grant funding is opening on Monday, October 26th at 10:00 am!  The Program Information, Eligibility Criteria and Documentation Requirements are available online now at http://smallbusiness.tarrantcounty.com .

The Second Round application maintains the same basic eligibility requirements as the first round, with the addition of independently owned and operated Franchise Business that were not eligible in Round 1.  The financial information to be included by the applicant in the application has been streamline for the second round and is limited to the total business deposit amounts for January, February, April, and May 2020, with tax documentation and bank statements to be uploaded.  This should make for an easier application process for the applicant and a faster review process for the audit team.  This is an ONLINE APPLICATION ONLY and all documentation must be uploaded with the application before submittal.

NOTE:  The 2nd round of applications for the Small Business Assistance Grant program is available for those businesses that may have missed the application period in the first round, started an application but did not complete it, or did not provide the correct information for their first round application that caused them to be deemed ineligible and not receive an award. Businesses/Owners receiving a grant award in Round 1 will NOT be eligible for another grant award in Round 2.  Owners with more than one business who received grant funding for a business in the first round will NOT be eligible to receive grant funds for a different business in the second round.

To better assist the businesses in our community with questions they may have about the grant program or application, we have attached

  1. a PowerPoint overview of the second round grant program, (CLICK HERE)
  2. the Second Round Program Guidelines  (CLICK HERE
  3. the Second Round Application in Word format (the online format of the Application will look slightly different). Should an applicant have specific questions that require additional assistance, please have them contact us at TCSBGrant@tarrantcounty.com  (CLICK HERE

The Final First Round Grant Recipient Listing is available on the Small Business Assistance Grant webpage.