4 Ways to Support Saginaw

It’s times like these when Saginaw, a city of more than 22,000 residents, truly feels like a small town. The strength of the community is showcased best by the relentless spirit of the locals. Whether it’s for a restaurant, coffee shop, or retailer, see the tips below for ways you can support local businesses while maintaining a safe social distance. 

  1. Food Delivery and Curbside Pickup:  As many restaurants, bars and shops had closed dining areas and storefronts to guests, many offer alternative options to continue supporting business. Services such as Favor, Uber Eats, Door Dash and Butler! are available when ordering food.  If you’re looking to order directly from the restaurant of your choice, many local favorites are beginning to offer their own order delivery as well as curbside pickup or drive-thru.  Make sure to call ahead!
  2. Purchase Gift Cards:  While local businesses are closing up shop until further notice, there are a variety of ways to continue our support. Whether it’s restaurants, attractions or boutiques, the easiest way to help now is to purchase gift cards for future use. Consider this pre-planning for an upcoming trip. Instead of canceling your trip, postpone it. We will all need a break in the next coming months and what better way to alleviate the stress than having it planned, and paid for, upon arrival.  If you’re a local looking for the perfect staycation, consider this option! Not only is this a great way to ensure a relaxing weekend, purchasing gift cards is a great choice for future appointments.
  3. Online Shopping:  If you’re planning out your spring and summer wardrobes, there is no need to wait until the quarantine is over; shop online! Other local shops offer local deliveries when the order meets the minimum total.
  4. Check on Neighbors:  Now is the time to come together as a community. Call your elderly or immunocompromised neighbors and make sure they have what they need. Check on friends and family. While in-person visits are not recommended at this time, we do recommend virtual chats via phone or video.