Citizens In Action!

Over the past six months, the City of Saginaw has been working closely with Kyle Duke (Eagle Scout) to help him complete his required Eagle Scout project. After discussion and brain-storming, we decided on planting 14 crepe myrtles and 28 bags of mulch around the east side of the Aquatic Center.

This past Saturday, February 17, 2018, he completed his project! This was a great two-fold project where we both benefited. Not only did Kyle organize, plan, supervise and compete his Eagle Scout project, but we benefited by having our facility beautified with greenery, color (Crepe myrtles bloom a pretty flower), and eventually shade.

Take a look at the photos of his completed project…

City of Saginaw
Row of planted trees
Trees planted along park fence
Row of trees planted along park fence
Planted Trees at Park
Newly planted tree rows
Eagle Scout planted trees