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Mobile Food Unit Annual Permit Application


  1. 1. Mobile Food Unit Annual Permit Application
  2. 2. Mobile Food Unit & Owner Information:
  3. 3. Mobile Food Unity Location Information:
  4. 4. Hours of Operation: (6 hour maximum & must be within the hours of operation of the business allowing restroom use)
  5. 5. Required Documents (to be submitted with Mobile Food Unit Permit Application)
  6. 6. Acknowledgement and acceptance of rules for operation (form must be notarized)
  7. 7. Property Owner & Business Owner Permission Form:
  8. 8. Release of Liability:
  • Mobile Food Unit Annual Permit Application

    1. City of Saginaw
      Permit Department 301 S. Saginaw Blvd. Phone: 817-230-0453 Fax: 817-232-8565 Email:
    2. To be completed by City Staff:
      Permit Date:_______________ Permit #:__________________ Total Fee:__________________ Receipt #:__________________
    3. Annual Permit Fee: $250
      Additional Locations: no fee but must have permit for each location