Fire Camp


Each June the Saginaw Professional Firefighters Association (SPFFA), in coordination with the city, conducts a week-long day camp for approximately 30 students from the Saginaw area.


The goals of the fire camp program are to teach students the importance of teamwork and physical fitness, as well as to build self confidence and initiative to develop solutions to complex problems. These goals are accomplished in an exciting, highly disciplined, and controlled environment. The students engage in fire and EMS related activities and scenarios utilizing the same discipline, training, skills, and equipment used by firefighters today.


The fire camp program was developed in 1994 by the Piedmont, California Fire Department to educate students about fire safety after an unusual increase in juvenile-related fires. Although Saginaw had not experienced any serious problems, the program was tested in 1998. After a tremendous response from all involved parties, the SPFFA elected to continue the program as an annual event.

The fire camp program is made possible by the gracious donation of effort and off-duty time of the SPFFA members. All supervision, activities, and training sessions are conducted by members of the SPFFA. All instructors are state-certified career firefighter / paramedics who offer their expertise in various disciplines of the fire service.

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Pictures from Fire Camp - June 2018

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