Code of Ordinances

Codified Approved Code of Ordinances Prior to 2021 - View Ordinances

  • City of SAGINAW, TEXAS Codified through Ordinance No. 2020-26 (Supp. No. 25)

Approved Saginaw City Code of Ordinances

The Saginaw City Code is updated annually in February of each year. The ordinances approved in 2020 are included in the most recent update to our code of ordinances. However until the time that we update our code of ordinances, you may view the recently approved ordinances and the previously codified approved ordinances by clicking the links below:

Approved Code of Ordinances 2022

Approved Code of Ordinances in 2021

  1. Ordinance 2021-30 Approving Beltmill PID Service and Assessment Plan and Assessment Roll Approving a Reimbursement Agreement
  2. Ordinance 2021-29 Amending Master Fee Schedule--Adding Rental Fees for Switchyard
  3. Ordinance 2021-28 Amending Master Fee Schedule-Trash and Recycling Rate
  4. Ordinance 2021-27 Approving Final TIRZ Project and Finance Plan for Reinvestment Zone No. 1
  5. Ordinance 2021-26 Amending Zoning Regulations regarding Patio Covers
  6. Ordinance 2021-25 Amending Beltmill Planned Development District
  7. Ordinance 2021-24 Creating TIRZ Reinvestment Zone Number 1
  8. Ordinance 2021-23 Amending The Square Planned Development
  9. Ordinance 2021-22 Approving SUP for Tobacco Shop at 1029 N. Saginaw E-7
  10. Ordinance 2021-21 Approving SUP for Tobacco Shop
  11. Ordinance 2021-20 Villas at Willow Creek
  12. Ordinance 2021-19 Special Event Venues
  13. Ordinance 2021-18 Increasing Water and Sewer Svc Rates
  14. Ordinance 2021-17 Setting Tax Rate for Tax Year 2021
  15. Ordinance 2021-16 Amending Carport Overlay District (MF and CF)
  16. Ordinance 2021-15 Issuance and Sale of GO Bonds, Series 2021
  17. Ordinance 2021-14 Extended-Stay Hotel and Hotel_Motel
  18. Ordinance 2021-13 Amending Zoning Ord--Breweries
  19. Ordinance 2021-12 Canvassing Bond Election
  20. Ordinance 2021-11 Amending Zoning Ord--Winery
  21. Ordinance 2021-10 Beltmill Land Use and Development Standards and Development Plan
  22. Ordinance 2021-09 Amending Advisory Recreation and Parks Bd (adding 2 alternates as approved in 1994)
  23. Ordinance 2021-08 Approving SUP for Tobacco Shop at 1453 N. Saginaw Blvd. Ste 110
  24. Ordinance 2021-07 Amending Carport Overlay District
  25. Ordinance 2021-06 Zoning Change for 700 W. McLeroy Blvd
  26. Ordinance 2021-05 Calling Bond Election
  27. Ordinance 2021-04 Creating Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  28. Ordinance 2021-03 Approving SUP for Massage Therapy and Semi Permanent Makeup Tattoo Business at 900 N Blue Mound Rd
  29. Ordinance 2021-02 Amending Master Fee Schedule (Impact Fees)
  30. Ordinance 2021-01 Water and Sewer Impact Fees
  31. Master Fee Schedule