Track Your Health

The Healthy City "Track Your Health" module is an online diary that keeps track of a your healthy activities here at the Saginaw Recreation Center. You can input your workout details including duration, distance, time and activity.

A Feeling of Accomplishment...It can be very rewarding to come back and jot down what you did during your workout. It reminds you that you DID something and gives you a sense of control. Track as little or as much as you want. Activity, time spent, distance, even calories burned.

As you get in the habit of writing down exercise, you might begin to find yourself penciling out a work out plan a few days in advance - which makes it that much easier to stay on track. You might start to plan exercise right into your day and find it easier to make time to get sweaty. It can also be helpful to look back at your exercise logs from the past. When you’ve got months or years worth of data, you can compare where you were then to where you are now - for better or for worse.

Look, you are going to have good days and bad days during your exercise program. It is inevitable! Looking back at the progress that you've made can motivate you and turn your bad day into a good 1. Just sign in and get started. If you haven't signed in, do it! It is a free service that the City of Saginaw offers to you.

Just click here to get started!